Crazy Make 'Em Ups®

Thanks for Being uh...Responsible?

Sure, we'll call it that. The virtual "Quarantine Edition" has a few minor rules changes. Check them out below, then click Start Game to play.

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Quick Play

Here are some quick play rules. Check the full rules page if you need more help.

    Pick a Captain. The Captain settles rule disputes

    Make a draw deck. It can be any size (even all the cards) depending on how long you want to play. 5-6 cards per player will give you a game that lasts about 30-45 minutes.

    Take turns drawing cards and doing what they tell you to do. If there is a [blank] ask another player to fill it in verbally. Unless otherwise noted, the person who draws the card does the action. The Captain draws two cards, picks one to play, and puts the other back in the draw pile.

    If you get a card you don’t want to do, then just discard it. The game is just for fun.

    Keep trophy cards in your hand. Once all the cards have been played, add up your trophy cards. The person with the most trophies is the Captain to start the next game.


Q: What if I don’t want to drink alcohol?

A: That’s totally fine! We recommend drinking something you hate like prune juice or warm goat milk or water. We don’t drink water though. Fish fuck in it.

Q: What if one player is pressuring people to do cards they don’t want to?

A: Get better friends. Seriously. Don’t invite that person back. If you have to play with them, make them do any cards they are trying to pressure other people into. Bet they shut up real quick like.

Q: Who does the action on the card?

A: The person who draws the card follows the instructions, UNLESS it says otherwise. Some cards will name a specific player, or generalize with “person on your left / right”.

Q: Do we read the cards out loud?

A: Absolutely! Unless it says not to. We recommend reading it to yourself first to make sure you don’t flub a secret card. If you mess up a secret card, you should hang your head in shame.

Q: Some of the card instructions are vague, what do we do?

A: Be clever! We left them vague on purpose so you can come up with silly ways to solve them. Don’t disappoint us. We believe in you.

Q: Some cards say you can keep your underwear on. Is a bra underwear?

A: Your group can decide on this. When we play the game, a bra counts as underwear. Which means you can also use it for that card that says switch underwear.

Q: Is each sock an item of clothing or is a pair considered one item of clothing?

A: It’s up to your group, but we counted a pair as a single item in play testing.

Q: Same question as previous for shoes.

A: Basically, the same answer.

Q: What if I’m not wearing underwear?

A: You’ve clearly never played this game before.