Show Them Your Rules

Thank you for helping make Crazy Make ‘Em Ups® a reality! We are constantly looking to improve the game, and your input matters! Please fill out the form below to submit your custom rules to be considered in the game.

Here are some guidelines to help you shape your better bad decisions:

  • Make sure the majority of players are able to complete your rule (you don’t want to play alone, do you?!)
  • For ease of play, limit the number of clauses in your rule.
  • Rules that include existing mechanics (name changes, hugs, spankings, minor athletic endeavors, clothing swaps, tin foil creations, and mini challenges) work well, and are more likely to get approved for production.

Note: We want your rule in the game and will work with you if you need assistance, however, we reserve the right to refuse certain rules or to modify rules to fit the gameplay.



Conceptually, the game is a bit different from other games. It’s left to the players to fill in ways to make the cards more fun. It’s more of a casual framework of stuff for you to do rather than cards with strict rules. We leave it open-ended on purpose so your group can agree on what you think is the most fun way to play.

Number of Players: You can play with as many people as you want, but we’ve found that 6 +/- 2 is the ideal number.

The Captain and the Trophies

The Captain gets to resolve any disputes about how the cards are interpreted. The Captain also draws 2 cards each turn and decides which one to play.

If there is a tie for the most trophy cards, pick a Captain based on whatever criteria you want: Rock/Paper/Scissors, most naked, most intelligible, best tin foil get the idea.

Winning and Failing to Win

This isn’t a game you win. You play for fun, and that’s it. There are several cards in the deck that reference winning and losing. That’s because we like to make fun of competitive people. Any time a card references winning or losing, do whatever is on the card and keep playing. The game isn’t over until the last card is played and the Captain makes the “Final Rule.”