Ludicrous Edition

  • 200 Game Cards
  • Clothing Optional Expansion (50 cards)
  • More Drinking Expansion (50 cards)
  • 300 Ultra Uber Premium Card Protectors
  • Spill Resistant Box
  • 2 mechanical pencils with extra erasers
  • 2 temporary tattoos
  • Better Bad Decisions


Crazy Make ’Em Ups® is the party game of bad decisions! The gameplay is very loose and open to interpretation so you and your friends can decide exactly how much fun you want to have. (Hint: It should be ALL the fun. Unless you are boring. Then you should go back to that Apples to Apples knock off). This is the full 200 card Crazy Make 'Em Ups® Card Game.

Expansion Decks

The Clothing and Drinking expansions require the Wild Edition, Absurd Edition, or Ludicrous Edition to play.

Theme Decks

Theme decks can be played by themselves or combined with the Wild Edition, Absurd Edition, or Ludicrous Edition!